A well-rounded CV reminds me of a tool box which represents different skills and qualifications. And if you have a very diverse set of tools, you’ll certainly catch the attention of potentials employers.

But how do you choose your skills and qualification? You only have so much time and energy to decide which tools will give you the highest return of investment.

Since we’re so focussed on gaining the skills and qualifications that are catered towards a specialised  career, we tend to forget to include some of the more interesting (and forgotten) skills employers may be looking for. But since these types of skills are wide ranging, it may be hard to know which ones to choose.

So for a start, I suggest learning something that’s useful — like first aid. No matter what you do for work, first aid will always come in use. Even at home.

To show you how valuable a first aid qualification is, I have complied a list of five reasons why you should learn first aid with The Learning Station.


1. Employers Like First Aid Skills

Whether you’re working in construction or in retail, there is always potential for an injury to happen at work.

Your employer knows that very well, and they also know that they are responsible for the well-being of their employees.

With that being said, you can imagine the relief they will feel knowing that they have a staff member that is well equipped to handle potential life threatening situations.

2. It Shows That You’re Eager to Improve

Let’s say that you want to be an English teacher. Your future employer will run through your CV to see that you have an English qualification — just like every other applicant. Big deal, right?

What will set you apart is the extra things you learned in order to improve yourself and show that you will be a welcomed asset to potential employers.

Having a first aid qualification shows that you are willing to spend time and effort on improving yourself. This is great for professional development.

3. It’s a Good Start to a Career in Health Care

Many people want to work in healthcare and there are a lot of reasons why.

Unfortunately, many people also work their way up to a career in health care only to find out that they aren’t suited for that kind of work. By practising first aid, you get to get a taste of whether or not you can handle a career that involves high risk situations.

If you do feel up to the task, then a first aid qualification will certainly come in handy because of the knowledge and experience you have gained.

4. It Pairs Nicely With Security Qualifications

The Learning Station offers some wonderful courses for people interested in working in security, and learning first aid along with them is highly recommended.

Whether you’re guarding people or merchandise, knowing how to administer first aid will set you apart from the other security workers applying for the job that you want.

5. You Get to Help Those Around You

Accidents happen in and out of the workplace. They happen to strangers when you’re out and about, and they happen to the people that you know and love. Minor injuries can have lasting effects if they aren’t treated quickly. You could help a friend, family member or stranger and you can put their mind at ease by applying your first aid skills.

Qualifications such as first aid training can really help in setting you apart from other candidates. Even if the job you’re applying for couldn’t be further from the medical profession. If an employer is deciding between two otherwise identical candidates, they’re more likely to pick the one who can save a life.

So, Why The Learning Station?

For just £230 (you can pay in installments to make it even more convenient) you’ll receive on-site training with comprehensive support and guidance in an area near you. Check out The Learning Station’s website for more information. You can also visit The Learning Station’s Blog for more content like this.

Do you have an interest in learning and getting a first aid qualification? Do you have any friends that want to broaden their skill set? Share this article with anyone you feel will benefit from it. If you know of more reasons to learn first aid let us know in the comment section below.