Health & Safety Regulations: Protect yourself from lawsuits in construction? (World Health Day)

Protect your staff from harm and safeguard your company from potential lawsuits.

As a company director, it’s vital that you’re aware of all the points that will be covered in this post. This applies to your company if you have employees working in the following areas:

  • Construction
  • Security
  • Maintenance
  • Industry and site cleaning
  • Landscape gardeners
  • Facilities management
  • Shop-fitting

Certain jobs in these fields have a level of danger to them and if an employee was unfortunate enough to get harmed, your company could be liable to be taken to court.

Your company could be liable to be taken to court.

So, a company could be sued if an employee was doing a job that they were not qualified to do. They could be working on a building site, home extension or anything similar. The employer is solely responsible to ensure that everyone is fully trained to work there.

If a worker is not fully trained, the company’s insurance will not cover costs and if a worker were to perish, there could be a case of corporate manslaughter.

It makes no difference if they the worker was trained with unrecognised qualifications or if they have decades of experience. In order to follow health and safety regulations, your workers need to hold a valid CSCS Card.

In order to get a CSCS Card, construction (or other related fields) workers must pass a Level 1 Health and Safety in a Construction Environment course as well as a CITB test. Once they have completed and passed both, they can get the CSCS Card from CITB for £30.

But what’s the point?

These courses supply workers with the necessary knowledge needed to work safely in a construction environment. Every company is responsible for ensuring that their workers have the proper health and safety awareness

If you want to enrol employees onto the courses needed for a CSCS Card – the fifth employee will go free. 

POLL: Do you think CSCS Cards are necessary? The cost of each card is £30 but you do have to pay for the course and test needed before you’re eligible to apply.

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