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Functional Skills in Maths

Do you need to meet criteria for University Entry?

Are you looking for a GCSE Maths equivalent qualification

Then This course is for you

This course is recommended for adult learners who are aiming to meet university entry requirements for GCSE or are preparing to apply for the Access course. The Functional Skills Maths is a recognised GCSE equivalent that will equip you with the fundamental applied skills needed to succeed in all aspects of life, work and learning.

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About this Course 

Good numeracy skills can make your personal and working life easier.

Maths functional skills are practical mathematics for learners that provide essential skills, knowledge and understanding to enable students to function confidently and effectively at work and in their everyday life.

Maths functional skills help learners to use what they have learnt in a practical way and to be mathematically functional.

Maths functional Skills are about developing the skills base that is then put into use in other areas of learning, life and work. This would include things like problem solving, communication, team working and presentation.

We can offer you a nationally recognised certificate at a course level that is right for you, instilling the skills that will enable you to gain the confidence and ability to use maths both at work and at home.

Functional Skills Qualifications are widely accepted as entry criteria by most colleges and universities in the United Kingdom and it fit's in with Transport for London’s (TfL) acceptable equivalent to a GCSE Qualification. *

Why Choose the Learning Station?

We are continually investing and developing our online Learner Management System to make the learner experience a fun and memorable learning journey.

Our Accreditations speak for themselves assuring you of the most up to date policies procedures to include well vetted and professional centre staff who are always on hand to provide the best support, information advice and guidance on present and future learning opportunities

What makes us different to other colleges?

  • Flexible Payment plans with up to 12 months to pay -No Credit Checks.

  • We offer the full QCF/RQF Ofqual courses with pathway choices of your own.

  • Free initial assessment assessments of academic levels with immediate results.

  • Online, Distance / Blended Learning.

  • Learner Management System Accessible 24/7.

  • Responsive online tutor and assessor support.

  • On site, internal verifier + Moderator.

  • Flexible – Blended delivery of assessment and observation.

  • Free Learning Resources for Ease of study.  

  • No Credit Checks - Easy and Manageable Payments up to 12 Months.

  • Technical support team available 09:00 - 18:00 Mon – Fri.

How it works?

All our Functional Skills Qualifications work this way.

We will provide you, the support you need to work through this process:

  1. An Initial Assessment
  2. This is to find the academic level at which you are working.
  3. A Diagnostic Assessment
  4. This looks at different elements of the course and identifies which areas you are competent in and which areas require more work.
  5. Create each learner an online ILP
  6. Your Individual Learner Portfolio gives you information, practice quizzes and assessments, video clips and other resources to help your learning.
  7. A highly qualified and skilled tutor will be assigned to assist you throughout your whole programme. This will enable you to track your progress and receive individual support and supplementary learning materials.

What will you study?

The course content includes:

  1. Working with numbers (adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing)
  2. Common measures (money, time, length, weight, capacity)
  3. Fractions, decimals, percentages and ratios
  4. Shape and space, reading charts, tables and graphs.

This is all based around three main stands;

  1. Representing – identifying problems and choosing the maths needed to solve them.
  2. Analysing – applying the maths and checking the answers.
  3. Interpretation – draw conclusions and communicate the results.

 Where and How?

Our mode of learning is distance & online learning – This allows you to study from home, in the workplace or anywhere you have an internet connection. Your course is available to you 24 hours a day and seven days a week working at a pace that suits you

Free on screen example tests:

          Mathematics online navigation tutorial

How long does it take?

On average the course can be completed in 8 -14 weeks, based on 3-4 hours study a week. However, The Learning Station offers a flexible approach and, with every learner receiving a tailor made Individual Skills Plan, your tutor will help you to get qualified at a pace that suits your needs. The course will be available for up to 6 months only.

What can this course lead to?

Upon completion of Level 1 you could progress to the Level 2 Functional Skills qualification and from there many of our learners go on to further study.

A Level 1 in Functional Skills Qualification is equivalent to GCSE grade D-G. 

A Level 2 in Functional Skills Qualification is equivalent to GCSE grade A*-C.


Entry Requirements  

Anyone over the age of 14 can take this course.

How you will be Assessed?

To obtain the Functional Skills Qualification you will need to undertake an online test.

How much does it cost?

Some of the cost of our Functional Skills Qualifications depends on where you live as we will need to send or arrange an invigilator to you, for your final assessment. However, taking the final assessment and Exam at our centre incurs no extra charges to our fees above**   

What Happens Next?

Once Purchased you’re all set to get learning. You will receive your unique email address and access code, along with instructions on how to get going with our Learner Management System. It really is that simple.

We do have some funding available and can offer some courses free of charge subject to eligibility criteria. give us a call on 0208342 7210 to find out if you are entitled to a free course or for a quote.

*We do not guarantee that this course will be sufficient for College, University entry or for PHV Drivers You must satisfy yourself that this is the right course for your needed purpose.

**Exam resits are extra and invigilation will incur further charges

By purchasing a Learning Station course you agree you have both read fully and understood our Terms & Conditions [T&C’s]